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5 Reasons to Hit the Gym with a Plan

Heading to the gym without a plan can be a complete waste of your time. And our time is a valuable commodity. Here’s 5 reasons why you need a game plan. To Meet Your Goals – Depending on your health & fitness goals, you… Continue Reading “5 Reasons to Hit the Gym with a Plan”

Dread the Pillow No More! Tips for a Better Nights Sleep.

Better sleep is only a click away

To Run or Not to Run?!

For all the runners in Indianapolis, sometimes it takes registering for an upcoming race to simply up your motivation. Here is a printable schedule for upcoming races in and around Indianapolis in July. Find one you like and start training! Or if you’re already… Continue Reading “To Run or Not to Run?!”

7 Benefits of Walking (*infographic)

It has been noted that sitting for long periods of time is detrimental to your health.Have you heard? “Sitting is the new smoking!” You don’t have to be a runner to improve your cardiovascular health. Hit the treadmill or better yet, get outdoors and… Continue Reading “7 Benefits of Walking (*infographic)”

Printable Food Diary and Exercise Log

Sometimes all it takes to get healthy is to put pen to paper and start tracking. We often tend to underestimate our calories and overestimate our activity. Be truthful with yourself and jot down as much as you can keep up with. You may… Continue Reading “Printable Food Diary and Exercise Log”

Let’s Get Moving

Sitting is slowly killing us. It’s time we get moving.