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5 Steps to Add Value to Your Morning

Wow! Mornings are hectic. It seems as a society we are constantly rushing to get from one place to the next and it all starts with our mornings. Our mornings can set the pace and mood for our entire day. While they may be… Continue Reading “5 Steps to Add Value to Your Morning”

It’s Time to get SMART about Goal Setting

 “Goals are dreams with deadlines.” ~Diana Scharf Hunt In a crazy, busy world, Goals can help us achieve the life we want, they energize us, guide us through the process and hold us accountable. Goal setting can be used in numerous areas of our… Continue Reading “It’s Time to get SMART about Goal Setting”

Are You Happy?

We often wonder what makes a person happy. Is it money? Is it health? Is it family? Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi may have the answer. Listen in to find out. Find out more about Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi at

Influence Someone Today

Want to help motivate change? Telling someone what they “should” do is not the best way to go about motiving someone. Inspire someone by using these simple steps!