Let’s Do This Year Differently. Let’s Think Big!

*This is Part II to my series “Your Path to Wellness”

So, we’re a week or two into the new year. For some, those New Year’s goals may have already ended. Statistically, less than half of you will reach them by the 6 month mark (Norcross, Mrykalo, & Blagys, 2002) Excitement wains quickly once life gets back to normal. And all of the sudden, there goes your motivation. You may be exhausted, work and kids may seem to be overwhelming you, or you’re simply not sure how to get there. Well, let’s get you there this year. We’re doing things differently by switching off the goals…for now. And starting with your vision.

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” ~unknown

If you haven’t read Part I, please do so. This will help you create your Wellness Vision more vividly. You can read it by clicking here.

For those of you who have read Part I, you will now move on to creating your actual Wellness Vision. Your Wellness Vision, is similar to a business’ mission statement. It will be your guiding light to where you want to go on your wellness journey. Your vision will describe the person you will be.
Looking back your journaling exercise (Part I) and your vision board, I now want you to compile your thoughts and pictures into your vision statement, which should be a few paragraphs.

“Wellness is not the absence of disease or the opposite of illness; wellness is rather the presence of well-being and the culmination of life and health-giving practices.” ~Wellcoaches Manual

As you write your vision, write in the present tense including statements starting with “I am.” Some examples:

  • I am strong, lean and feeling youthful.
  • I feel in charge of my health because I exercise daily and make time for myself.
  • I am cooking healthy meals three times a week with whole foods.
  • I breathe deeply because I no longer smoke.
  • I love going shopping because I’m 20 lbs lighter.
  • When I face challenges, I review…
  • I feel energized because I am motivated to make my heath a priority.

Building on your notes and vision board from Part I, your vision should include the picture of who you want to be, your motivators and values, your challenges and how you might get past them, your support system and your determination to succeed. Your vision is a summary statement that you are deeply connected with.

Some traps to avoid when writing out your vision, is to not include goals in it. Avoid sentences that get too specific like:

  • I am fitter because I exercise 3x a week.
  • I no longer smoke because I attend a support group once a week.
  • I eat vegetables nightly so I feel healthier.

Once you have your Wellness Vision complete, print it off and post with your Vision Board. If you have questions, feel free to email me at kwiesmann@inspireonewellness.com.

To recap (Part I), you’ve journaled and created a vision board. Now (Part II), you’ve completed your Wellness Vision.

In Part III of this series, we’ll focus on setting behavior goals to reach your Wellness Vision.

We’ll get this done together! See you for Part III (Goal Setting) on Your Path to Wellness! And, if you want more in-depth coaching, more guidance, feel free to get in touch with me on individual wellness coaching plans.

I’m leaving 2015 in the dark, and so should you.

*This is Part I of the Series “Your Path to Wellness”

I’m not going to lie. I’ve struggled over the last several years with career and family issues, often times because they were so intertwined. I’ve also worked with people who choose to only see one side of every issue. As I worked through the Wellcoaches program, motivated to help others, I was also dealing with people who refused to allow forgiveness in their life. I’ve seen how depression and negativity can eat a hole in a person’s soul. This is not the life I want for anyone. Living in the dark leaves you stuck and full of sadness…

In 2016, I’m taking the light with me. If you look back at the times you’ve struggle in life, often times they are surrounded by hurt, ego, revenge, hate, negativity and gloom. When those types of emotions are with us, we don’t have a chance to move forward. And, I want you to move forward with me. I want you to take a chance on yourself and really see what the possibilities are ahead of you. Allow yourself to shine!

“Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.” ~Sonia Ricotti

When you surround yourself with light, you can see where you need and want to go. If you could switch out those negative emotions with joy, gratitude, laughter, kindness, compassion, empathy and love, life could and would be an amazing journey.

So, where do you start? You start by looking inward. Get out a journal or a simply a scrap piece of paper. Release the emotions that are driving you down for just a moment. Begin by answering the following questions to discover more about your motivation for a positive life. Think about your whole wellness including career, family, friendships, physical, spiritual and emotional health.

  1. If I could paint a picture of my ideal life, what would it look like?
  2. If I could wave a magic wand, what would my top 3 wishes be?
  3. Who and what am I grateful for?
  4. If I could be doing anything, what would I do that would really light my soul on fire?
  5. What activities bring me joy?
  6. Who are the people I feel really care for me and my happiness? Are these the same people who bring me joy?
  7. When did I feel truly happy and why?
  8. When I’ve been successful, what was going on in my life?
  9. If I were taking charge of my life, instead of just going through the motions, what would my next step be?

Once you’ve completed these steps, review your answers. Are you beginning to see what you really want from your life?  Is this coming alive in your mind. Think through your answers to make sure you’ve added all your thoughts into this document.

“As long as you keep letting life ask you another question and reveal that there is always more for you to be and do, you are unstoppable.” ~Jennifer Krause

Step two, I want you to create a vision board. Take what you’ve learned from these questions and put together your board. Have fun with this project. Allow yourself to be a kid again, with no inhibitions to what might look right or wrong. There is no wrong answer or bad board. Include pictures (but not limited to) of the people who bring you joy, magazine photos of the activities that bring you joy, a picture of a time you were truly happy, quotes that motivate you, pictures of what you want in the future.

Post this board in a place where you will see it every morning. When you wake up, review it, speak to it, believe in it. You are taking the steps to improving your wellness. Celebrate each and every step!

Keep an eye for the next post, Part II, on creating your wellness vision to go with your vision board.

I wish you the best in 2016! Cheers to what’s ahead.

We need to be brave enough to want to know more. ~Brené Brown

5 Steps to Add Value to Your Morning

Wow! Mornings are hectic. It seems as a society we are constantly rushing to get from one place to the next and it all starts with our mornings. Our mornings can set the pace and mood for our entire day. While they may be crazy, mornings can also be effective for planning your day and therefore, limiting your stress later on. Use these five steps to add value to your morning and your wellness.

    1. Meditate – Meditation has been shown to lower stress, lower blood pressure and increase healing/recovery times.  Mediation can be difficult in the beginning. I like to use assisted or guided mediation. The app I use is Headspace. It’s free for the first 10 sessions. Headspace starts with a 10 minute meditation series. It’s great for beginners and the guides voice is very soothing.headspace
    2. Eat a Healthy Breakfast – When you awake, your body is in a fasted state. It’s important to consume a nutritious breakfast to provide your brain and body with the energy it needs to get moving. Studies have shown that people tend to maintain a healthier body weight, perform better on tests, and eat less throughout the day if they eat a larger, nutritious breakfast. Aim for a balanced breakfast of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fat.
    3. Journal – I love the 5-Minute Journal. This journal provides inspirational quotes and guided questions to invoke gratitude and a positive mindset. I also love to find pretty journals and just jot down goals, ideas, thoughts, and inspiration. Just a few lines a day will inspire creativity and growth, allows you to see what you want your future to look like, allows you to evaluate and remember ideas, and clear your mind for the morning.Journaling
    4. Make your bed – This is a simple step to start your day. As Adm. Bill McRaven, a 36-year Navy SEAL, says, “If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourages you do to another task and another and another.” A made bed just makes your bedroom, your sanctuary, look clean.
    5. Review your timeline for the day – This includes looking over your schedules, reviewing your top 3-5 goals for the week and picking out what’s most important for you to accomplish by the end of the day. Make sure everything in this area is realistic and you feel positive that you can complete the important tasks.

Adding a few of these steps, if not all, to your morning routine will leave you feeling refreshed, less stressed and ready to walk out the door feeling confident, not frazzled. Make your mornings important and your wellness will improve because of it. Have a great morning!

The 5 Minute Journal – http://www.fiveminutejournal.com
Headspace – http://www.headspace.com
Barnes & Noble – http://barnesandnoble.com (They have great journals)
Healthy Breakfast Ideas – http://greatist.com/health/healthy-fast-breakfast-recipes

Another Resource To Keep You Eating Dinner at Home *Printable Included

We know it’s healthier to eat at home in almost every situation. And, it’s possible to do just that through meal planning. It’s easier than ever to find healthy recipes you can cook in your very own kitchen. If you’re like me, I find most of my recipes online. Some of my favorite sites are Pinterest, Dr. Oz and Martha Stewart. I also tear out recipes from my favorite magazines such as Women’s Health and Runners World. Once you find healthy recipes, tear them out, print them off, or photocopy to create your own recipe book.

Pictures of mine are shown below. You can also use my templates to customize your cookbook. Make them for your friends and family to share recipes. When you’re searching for recipes, look for whole food ingredients, the use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, lean meats, lots of vegetables, whole grain pastas, low sodium and non-processed food ingredients.
Sample of My Recipe Binder My Family Recipe Binder My Recipe Binder Table of Contents

What you will need:

  • 2 or 2 1/2 inch binder
  • View Tab Premium Transparent Dividers (you can also use any binder dividers),
  • Cover Page – Simply make in Microsoft Word, PS, IWork Pages, etc.
  • Printed Recipes, Hand Written Recipes or Magazine Cut Outs

Recipe Binder Table of Contents

Recipe Binder Labels Template

Simply purchase the binder and dividers at your local office store, use the templates to type in the categories you prefer, print and assemble.

Host a Cookbook Party.

  1. Have friends and family make their customized Cookbook/Recipe Binder.
  2. Have each person make one of their favorite recipes. Try to organize so you have several appetizers, desserts, sides, main dishes, etc. in order to have a well rounded dinner.
  3. Have everyone copy their recipe for each person attending the party.
  4. Enjoy the meals, time with friends and the new recipes in your cookbook!

Also, check out my post on Menu Planning for a printable weekly meal planner. Enjoy eating at home!

Plan Your Meals to Guarantee Your Spot at the Dinner Table *Printable Included

If your life is like mine, dinner can get pretty hectic. I’m constantly asking myself the following questions:

  • when are we going to eat?
  • what are we going to eat?
  • will my husband be able to make this if I’m at work?
  • do I have all the necessary ingredients in the pantry?

If you find yourself asking these same questions, then you need to start meal planning. If meals aren’t planned, we often end up eating on the go, which then leads to increased calories, increased sodium and overall unhealthy foods.

Here is your solution. Click here for a printable meal plan form. Laminate it and use it with a dry erase marker. Next, try taking an hour on Sunday to go through recipe books, Pinterest, or your own personal recipes and plan your meals for the week. Crockpot meals are great for nights where you know you’ll be home late or running around. One pot meals are another great option for those nights where your time is limited. As you make out your meal plan, make a grocery list of what you will need for the week. Post the plan on your refrigerator and head to the grocery store. You’re all set for the week.

Planning allows for you to be prepared. “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” The meal plan also gives your family a visual of what’s on the menu for the week.

Try it this week. Aim for a 2-3 nights if that’s realistic for your family. If you think you can do more, try to fill up the whole week. Allow yourself flexibility for those nights when something comes up, but don’t get to far off track. Have a great week and enjoy your family meals at the dinner table!

Click here for a printable meal plan form.

5 Reasons to Hit the Gym with a Plan

Heading to the gym without a plan can be a complete waste of your time. And our time is a valuable commodity. Here’s 5 reasons why you need a game plan.

  1. To Meet Your Goals

    – Depending on your health & fitness goals, you need to work out in different ways. For instance, if you are planning on running a marathon, then you need to work on your endurance. You will also need to focus on running. If you are wanting to lose weight, then you will need to incorporate high intensity intervals. If you want to get stronger, then you need to lift heavy and scale back your reps, while increasing your rest time. You have to know your goals to get the most out of the gym. Here’s a Goal Setting Form for you to start exploring now.

  2. To Prevent Muscle Imbalance & Injury

    – You may have seen a bodybuilder walking hunched over. Often times, they’ve built up their chest muscles more than the opposing muscles of the posterior delts, traps and rhomboids so the chest muscles are pulling tight and rounding the shoulders. When you hit the gym, depending on your schedule, you want to make sure you are working the complete body through functional movement. Hit all the major muscle groups first and then focus on the smaller groups. By working all the muscle groups, you will have less risk of imbalances and injuries. Here’s a chart for the Opposing Muscle Groups you can print to help make your plan.

  3. To Move Well

    – As Gray Cook notes, “movement is at the core of our early growth and development spectacle, and movement remains the central theme throughout life.” If you don’t have a plan in the gym, you will walk around aimlessly performing random lifts and moves. Your form won’t be as good and therefore you will not move well. When you begin to think how you will move in the gym, your plan will become better. You will begin to move in multiple directions. You will consider proper form. And, you’ll begin to feel the muscles your focusing on during that move.

  4. To Make It Worth Your Time

    – We are all limited on time. Most people don’t have hours on end to spend in the gym. Therefore, you need to make the time you are in there count. You can achieve results in just 20 minutes if you have the right plan. Know what you need to accomplish and you will get it done. Don’t waste your time in the gym. Make a plan.

  5. To Be the Best You

    – In order to be the best you, take into account all of the above. When you know your goals, and you think about the muscles you are going to work, and you’re aware of your movement patterns and plan out your time wisely, your gym time will be amazing. You will start to see results you’ve been dreaming of. Print off my Food and Exercise Journal to get your started.

If you want more training information or need a plan, contact me at kwiesmann@inspireonewellness.com.

Cooke, G. (2010). Movement – Functional Movement Systems. Aptos, CA, United States: On Target Publications.

Dread the Pillow No More! Tips for a Better Nights Sleep.

Lack of sleep can affect anyone. In today’s rush, stressed out, overworked, media crazed society sleep problems are all to familiar. According to a paper published in the Journal of Health Psychology, not enough sleep has been shown to increase appetite, decrease energy, increase your impulsivity and emotional stress. Sleep expert Michael Grandner, PhD, says sleeping less than five hours a night “can impair decision making, slow reaction time and leave you so addled you don’t even recognize how exhausted you are.”

Next time you can’t fall into a blissful sleep, try these tips for better shut eye.

“Trying to lose weight without habits of healthy sleep is like trying to keep a race car in top condition without ever changing the oil.” 
~Dr. Wayne Scott Anderson

  1. A bedtime routine isn’t just for the little ones. Start your own adult bedtime routine. Turn bedtime into something you enjoy. Turn your bedroom into a retreat with new sheets, use body lotion that feels and smells good, or spray some lavender pillow spray on your bed.
  2. Lower your thermostat to between 68-74 degrees. The cooler temperatures help promote sleep.
  3. Leave the electronics in another room, including the TV. The flashing lights can disrupt sleep hormones and keep you distracted from your “night night” routine.
  4. Keep your room as dark as possible. Try special blinds or thick curtains to block outside light. Dim your lights as you prepare for bed.
  5. Destress with meditation or journaling. (I recommend the 5-Minute Journal) When you are stressed out your body releases the hormone cortisol and this has been linked to insomnia.
  6. Pull out the foam roller and massage prior to bed. This goes great with meditation.
  7. Take a warm shower or drink some warm tea.

During the day try:

  1. Avoid large meals before bedtime. Give your body time to digest your meal before going to bed.
  2. Avoid caffeine after 4 p.m. Smoking and alcohol can also affect your sleep.
  3. Exercise or incorporate some type of movement activity everyday.
  4. Stay hydrated but avoid drinking large amounts of fluid within an hour or two before you go to bed.

Sleep is extremely important to our health. In fact, it’s one of the Pillars of a healthy life. Don’t think of sleep as something you can eventually catch up on. Make it a priority just as you would exercise and nutrition. Follow these tips for a good nights sleep! Sleep away my friends.

~Sweet Dreams~

What does your bed night routine include?

Get Your Drink On!

Water is the body’s liquid gold. The human body is composed from 50-75% water through out different points in our lives. It’s important to stay hydrated in order for your body to function properly, in order to survive. Although we get water from foods, think cucumbers and watermelon, its essential we drink water throughout the day. While there is not a scientific backed amount of water you should drink per day, many sources recommend eight – eight ounce glasses per day depending on your activity level and thirst sensation. Here are just a few reasons to stay hydrated.

  • Mild levels of dehydration can make you moody, sluggish and affect cognitive function.
  • Dehydration can cause constipation.
  • The function of your kidneys can be disrupted without proper hydration. The kidneys require water for filtration processes.
  • Dehydration can lead to headaches.

Lack of water affects many other systems in our body. One way you can improve your health is to cut out sugar sweetened beverages and trade them for water. Click here for a printable chart to track your water intake. Each bottle represents one – 8 oz glass. This chart is only a guide to help you become more aware of the amount of water you are drinking throughout the day. Make sure to drink when you feel thirsty. You can also check your urine color. Look for transparent yellow or a pale straw color. Remember, when it’s hot outside or you are very active, you may need to consume more water than normal. Print your chart and start tracking! It’s time to get your drink on!

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 4.26.33 PM

To Run or Not to Run?!

For all the runners in Indianapolis, sometimes it takes registering for an upcoming race to simply up your motivation. Here is a printable schedule for upcoming races in and around Indianapolis in July. Find one you like and start training! Or if you’re already running, get a new outfit for the race. Find your motivation to continue with the sport! Hopefully this calendar will help. I will continue to post a month calendar under the Personal Training dropdown. Please let me know if there are other resources you would like to see on my site. Run Happy!

July Schedule

7 Benefits of Walking (*infographic)

It has been noted that sitting for long periods of time is detrimental to your health.Have you heard? “Sitting is the new smoking!” You don’t have to be a runner to improve your cardiovascular health. Hit the treadmill or better yet, get outdoors and walk. Here’s 7 reasons to get your started!

7 Reason to Walk
Printable Infographic