In Case You Missed It…

In case you missed days 5-9 of the Connection Challenge, I wanted to wrap it up here. Days 1-4 included:

  • Make Eye Contact
  • Use Small Touches
  • Write a Thank You Card
  • Restate What You Heard

These were all ways of connecting deeper with those you love. You can read them in more detail under “Latest Wellness Articles.”

Days 5-9 included:

  • Make Time to Get Together:
  • Listen with an Open Mind
  • Remove Technology
  • Feel Others Joy
  • Express Emotion

Details on Days 5-9 can be found on my social media platforms. On Instagram @inspireonewellness and on Facebook at InspireOneWellness.

Incorporating each of these ideas into your relationships will help you deepen the connection with those you love and cherish. Try it today!


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