Connection Challenge Day 2

#connectionchallege Day 2: To connect with someone today offer a light touch on the arm or shoulder. Or offer a hug. Kiss or hold hands with your significant other.

From the moment we are born we experience touch. Touch connects the newborn to his mother. Touch can soothe a crying child. Touch can create intimacy between a couple. There is an actual physiological response that goes on inside the body when touched.

Research has shown that we are wired to communicate emotions through touch. We are more compassionate and non-violent when we experience appropriate touch. Touch can decrease stress. Hugs have been shown to lower blood pressure. There is an actual physiological response to touch.

Remember personal space and boundaries when offering a light touch. Think about who you are connecting with and whether or not the touch is appropriate.

Connect with someone today you care about by offering a light touch. Whether it’s kissing your spouse goodbye, holding your child’s hand or touching a friends hand to offer your support.

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