I’m leaving 2015 in the dark, and so should you.

*This is Part I of the Series “Your Path to Wellness”

I’m not going to lie. I’ve struggled over the last several years with career and family issues, often times because they were so intertwined. I’ve also worked with people who choose to only see one side of every issue. As I worked through the Wellcoaches program, motivated to help others, I was also dealing with people who refused to allow forgiveness in their life. I’ve seen how depression and negativity can eat a hole in a person’s soul. This is not the life I want for anyone. Living in the dark leaves you stuck and full of sadness…

In 2016, I’m taking the light with me. If you look back at the times you’ve struggle in life, often times they are surrounded by hurt, ego, revenge, hate, negativity and gloom. When those types of emotions are with us, we don’t have a chance to move forward. And, I want you to move forward with me. I want you to take a chance on yourself and really see what the possibilities are ahead of you. Allow yourself to shine!

“Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.” ~Sonia Ricotti

When you surround yourself with light, you can see where you need and want to go. If you could switch out those negative emotions with joy, gratitude, laughter, kindness, compassion, empathy and love, life could and would be an amazing journey.

So, where do you start? You start by looking inward. Get out a journal or a simply a scrap piece of paper. Release the emotions that are driving you down for just a moment. Begin by answering the following questions to discover more about your motivation for a positive life. Think about your whole wellness including career, family, friendships, physical, spiritual and emotional health.

  1. If I could paint a picture of my ideal life, what would it look like?
  2. If I could wave a magic wand, what would my top 3 wishes be?
  3. Who and what am I grateful for?
  4. If I could be doing anything, what would I do that would really light my soul on fire?
  5. What activities bring me joy?
  6. Who are the people I feel really care for me and my happiness? Are these the same people who bring me joy?
  7. When did I feel truly happy and why?
  8. When I’ve been successful, what was going on in my life?
  9. If I were taking charge of my life, instead of just going through the motions, what would my next step be?

Once you’ve completed these steps, review your answers. Are you beginning to see what you really want from your life?  Is this coming alive in your mind. Think through your answers to make sure you’ve added all your thoughts into this document.

“As long as you keep letting life ask you another question and reveal that there is always more for you to be and do, you are unstoppable.” ~Jennifer Krause

Step two, I want you to create a vision board. Take what you’ve learned from these questions and put together your board. Have fun with this project. Allow yourself to be a kid again, with no inhibitions to what might look right or wrong. There is no wrong answer or bad board. Include pictures (but not limited to) of the people who bring you joy, magazine photos of the activities that bring you joy, a picture of a time you were truly happy, quotes that motivate you, pictures of what you want in the future.

Post this board in a place where you will see it every morning. When you wake up, review it, speak to it, believe in it. You are taking the steps to improving your wellness. Celebrate each and every step!

Keep an eye for the next post, Part II, on creating your wellness vision to go with your vision board.

I wish you the best in 2016! Cheers to what’s ahead.

We need to be brave enough to want to know more. ~Brené Brown

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