5 Steps to Add Value to Your Morning

Wow! Mornings are hectic. It seems as a society we are constantly rushing to get from one place to the next and it all starts with our mornings. Our mornings can set the pace and mood for our entire day. While they may be crazy, mornings can also be effective for planning your day and therefore, limiting your stress later on. Use these five steps to add value to your morning and your wellness.

    1. Meditate – Meditation has been shown to lower stress, lower blood pressure and increase healing/recovery times.  Mediation can be difficult in the beginning. I like to use assisted or guided mediation. The app I use is Headspace. It’s free for the first 10 sessions. Headspace starts with a 10 minute meditation series. It’s great for beginners and the guides voice is very soothing.headspace
    2. Eat a Healthy Breakfast – When you awake, your body is in a fasted state. It’s important to consume a nutritious breakfast to provide your brain and body with the energy it needs to get moving. Studies have shown that people tend to maintain a healthier body weight, perform better on tests, and eat less throughout the day if they eat a larger, nutritious breakfast. Aim for a balanced breakfast of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fat.
    3. Journal – I love the 5-Minute Journal. This journal provides inspirational quotes and guided questions to invoke gratitude and a positive mindset. I also love to find pretty journals and just jot down goals, ideas, thoughts, and inspiration. Just a few lines a day will inspire creativity and growth, allows you to see what you want your future to look like, allows you to evaluate and remember ideas, and clear your mind for the morning.Journaling
    4. Make your bed – This is a simple step to start your day. As Adm. Bill McRaven, a 36-year Navy SEAL, says, “If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourages you do to another task and another and another.” A made bed just makes your bedroom, your sanctuary, look clean.
    5. Review your timeline for the day – This includes looking over your schedules, reviewing your top 3-5 goals for the week and picking out what’s most important for you to accomplish by the end of the day. Make sure everything in this area is realistic and you feel positive that you can complete the important tasks.

Adding a few of these steps, if not all, to your morning routine will leave you feeling refreshed, less stressed and ready to walk out the door feeling confident, not frazzled. Make your mornings important and your wellness will improve because of it. Have a great morning!

The 5 Minute Journal – http://www.fiveminutejournal.com
Headspace – http://www.headspace.com
Barnes & Noble – http://barnesandnoble.com (They have great journals)
Healthy Breakfast Ideas – http://greatist.com/health/healthy-fast-breakfast-recipes

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