Another Resource To Keep You Eating Dinner at Home *Printable Included

We know it’s healthier to eat at home in almost every situation. And, it’s possible to do just that through meal planning. It’s easier than ever to find healthy recipes you can cook in your very own kitchen. If you’re like me, I find most of my recipes online. Some of my favorite sites are Pinterest, Dr. Oz and Martha Stewart. I also tear out recipes from my favorite magazines such as Women’s Health and Runners World. Once you find healthy recipes, tear them out, print them off, or photocopy to create your own recipe book.

Pictures of mine are shown below. You can also use my templates to customize your cookbook. Make them for your friends and family to share recipes. When you’re searching for recipes, look for whole food ingredients, the use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, lean meats, lots of vegetables, whole grain pastas, low sodium and non-processed food ingredients.
Sample of My Recipe Binder My Family Recipe Binder My Recipe Binder Table of Contents

What you will need:

  • 2 or 2 1/2 inch binder
  • View Tab Premium Transparent Dividers (you can also use any binder dividers),
  • Cover Page – Simply make in Microsoft Word, PS, IWork Pages, etc.
  • Printed Recipes, Hand Written Recipes or Magazine Cut Outs

Recipe Binder Table of Contents

Recipe Binder Labels Template

Simply purchase the binder and dividers at your local office store, use the templates to type in the categories you prefer, print and assemble.

Host a Cookbook Party.

  1. Have friends and family make their customized Cookbook/Recipe Binder.
  2. Have each person make one of their favorite recipes. Try to organize so you have several appetizers, desserts, sides, main dishes, etc. in order to have a well rounded dinner.
  3. Have everyone copy their recipe for each person attending the party.
  4. Enjoy the meals, time with friends and the new recipes in your cookbook!

Also, check out my post on Menu Planning for a printable weekly meal planner. Enjoy eating at home!

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