Get Your Drink On!

Water is the body’s liquid gold. The human body is composed from 50-75% water through out different points in our lives. It’s important to stay hydrated in order for your body to function properly, in order to survive. Although we get water from foods, think cucumbers and watermelon, its essential we drink water throughout the day. While there is not a scientific backed amount of water you should drink per day, many sources recommend eight – eight ounce glasses per day depending on your activity level and thirst sensation. Here are just a few reasons to stay hydrated.

  • Mild levels of dehydration can make you moody, sluggish and affect cognitive function.
  • Dehydration can cause constipation.
  • The function of your kidneys can be disrupted without proper hydration. The kidneys require water for filtration processes.
  • Dehydration can lead to headaches.

Lack of water affects many other systems in our body. One way you can improve your health is to cut out sugar sweetened beverages and trade them for water. Click here for a printable chart to track your water intake. Each bottle represents one – 8 oz glass. This chart is only a guide to help you become more aware of the amount of water you are drinking throughout the day. Make sure to drink when you feel thirsty. You can also check your urine color. Look for transparent yellow or a pale straw color. Remember, when it’s hot outside or you are very active, you may need to consume more water than normal. Print your chart and start tracking! It’s time to get your drink on!

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